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THAT'S MY DRAWING IN THE CORNER, YO! Also you've been really upping the ante with every cartoon you do. Everything has so much more punch put into it.

How do you do it, man? Especially as a career?

aalong64 responds:

Thanks! It can definitely be tricky balancing day jobs and personal work. I always feel bad for not putting more out... Jeez it's already been six months since the last one!

The voice acting was very nice. Did you give the actors direction by yourself or did they already have an idea of how to act?

SoraNgin responds:

Thank you very much! I was one of the voice actors so I was able to provide them sample audios of what I was looking for. Then I gave them all direction and requested changes where need be.

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The dual Uzi is the best pair of items in the game. I got a kick out of rabbits' death animations. Very charming for 2007.

The elevation concept is executed lovingly. Your game's visuals and sound are very basic but it's puzzle design is very polished.

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I don't have much experience with audio so take my criticism lightly. Those jingly chime bits at the beginning and at around 2:20 sounded a lil' ear splittin' but overall pretty good tune.

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This scraggly guy looks like Meat. His face is oddly haunting for someone composed of so few lines. The rounded angles and sharp ends of them and also the fact that they don't entirely connect adds a wrinkly loose feel that's held together by the hard shading.

I'm not very good at providing suggestions for improvement. Maybe try a more ambitious approach to your next piece? Like, instead of a character, try drawing a scenery? Or maybe just larger characters?
Whatever tickles your fancy.

SupakMeraklja responds:

Thanks for the advice mate, I appreciate it. I'll probably start doing some environments soon.

Far out.

The palette reminds me of the Zelda games released for the Gameboy Color. That fox and single flower seem kind of reminiscent of the graphics from there as well. If that's the case (correct me if I'm wrong, though) it's cool seeing a simple style being developed into something bigger. The line work is very nice, but I think it'd be nicer if you cleaned it up a little. The colors are top-notch.

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